TC Responsibilities:

File Opening:

*Introduction To All Parties

*Send Escrow Info to Buyers & Sellers

*Send Both Agents a Timeline of the Transaction (Google Calendar)

Throughout The Transaction:

*Order the Natural Hazard Disclosure Report (Listing

*Send Out Seller Disclosures (Listing)

*Package Disclosures & Booklets for Buyers

*Ensure the Buyer’s Deposit is in Escrow

*Ensure HOA Docs have been Ordered

*Ensure All Disclosures are Fully Executed & Compliant

*Send Reminders of Important Dates

*Acquire the Termite & Home Inspection Reports

*Request Progress Reports from Lender

*Order Home Warranty or Issue Waiver

*Ensure a Complete File

*Submit for Broker Review

After Close of Escrow:

*A Copy of the File will be Emailed to You and Your Client


Agent Responsibilities:

File Opening:

*Provide Fully Executed Contract & Counter Offers

*Provide Client’s Contact Info

Throughout The Transaction:

*Schedule All Inspections & Complete AVID

*CC Your TC on All Emails

*Follow Up with Escrow & Lender Throughout Transaction

Write the Following (if applicable):


*Request for Repairs

*Contingency Removals

*Rent-Back Agreements

Client Forms:

Listing Submission Form

Purchase Submission Form

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